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The “tail” of a Winery Dog

10 Sep

Being the furry face of Potomac Point Winery comes with a lot of glory yet “us humans” will never understand the complexities that Chianti must deal with on a daily basis. We decided to finally document a day in the life of our “poster pup” Chianti to show everyone just how vital she is to […]

Cheer to our Furry Friends!

30 Aug
winery bus tour

Our resident winery dog Chianti has recently been busy booking events left and right for Potomac Point. Through her amazing networking skills (sniffing various bottoms) she has connected with a representative from a local Humane Society and together they have come up with an event perfectly suited for our fuzzier clientele. Chianti welcomes you on […]

Did you know??

20 Aug

Think you know everything there is to know about Potomac Point Winery?…well guess again! Potomac Point has much more to offer than just award winning wine, delicious food, and breath-taking views! Here are just a few things you might not have known about us: Looking for some fun while you sip on your wine? We […]

Harvest Time is Among Us!

02 Aug
grapes with sun

One of the most exciting times at the winery is without a doubt Harvest time! After a long year of endless upkeep, careful pruning, and tender love & care we are finally close to reaching the crowning moment! Recently we have received word from our consulting winemaker that our precious vines have entered into a […]